Professional Coaching is:

  • A catalyst for movement and transformation. Quite often people know what to do and still they don’t take an action. In a coaching relationship we explore what more is needed – faith, fire, focus or another goal.
  • Series of conversations, led by the client and supported by the coach. It is a conversation that usually provides clarity, new perspectives, new discoveries, revelations and insights.
  • A developmental journey, combined with self-awareness and self-exploration
  • Happening in a space of non-judgement, acceptance and strict confidentiality.

Coaching is NOT:

  1. Training – we don’t teach in coaching
  2. Mentoring – we don’t mentor in coaching
  3. Therapy – we don’t make therapeutical interventions during coaching sessions

Coaching structure (typical)

  1. Chemistry session and in-take session– to define goals and the coachability level
  2. Series of  1 hr. sessions, usually 10 and more. The duration between the sessions is 1 week, 2 weeks or maximum a month
  3. The sessions are usually virtual