• Is designed with the participants’ need in the center. At Zivo we ensure that the learning design is aligned with the industry context and the special business needs
  • Is delivered by combining both emotional and rational aspect of learning. Our learning experiences are very well structured, with adequate learning materials, beautiful and supportive-the-learning-process environment. This is how we create long-term impact, which supports learners for a change that lasts
  • Is a PROCESS, not an event. We construct variety of elements, that support our learners to reflect, experiment, play with the concepts and new method of work. We usually work for at least 3 months together.

Learning Experience is NOT

  1. Just an information download
  2. Only motivational bla-bla
  3. Boring and tiring meeting or just a meeting for having fun for a day

Learning Journey

  1. Analysis of the business context and specific need
  2. Co-creation of the design and the supportive learning structure
  3. Assessments checks in the journey